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About Leading Well Strategies

When's the last time you felt great and knew you were performing at your best in all areas of your life? 

To get to where you are, you've had to sacrifice a lot. Perhaps your relationships, your health, your fitness, or your sense of purpose have suffered. Maybe you don't know what it is, but you just don't feel like you thought you would when you got to where you are. 


You deserve to feel and be your best. Those that you lead and those that you love all deserve to have you at your best, too! 


This is what Leading Well Strategies is all about. A healthy organizational culture begins with healthy leadership. For a leader to lead well, they must BE well. And when a leader LEADS well, those they lead can THRIVE. 


With an M.A. in Organizational Leadership; certifications as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, a Resilience Practitioner, and a Health and Well-being Coach; years of practical experience as both a leader and bringing well-being to hundreds of executive leaders; and decades of practice leading health and fitness training, I offer a rare coaching and training opportunity for leaders and organizations. 

Together, we'll assess your strengths, goals, and growth areas and then we'll design a strategy specific to you or your organization. I'll be there with you on your transformation to

be well and lead well!

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Individual, confidential coaching to help you figure out what you need to be at your best and support to help you get there. We will consider health, fitness, relationships, sense of purpose, habits, work, and other areas that may impact your overall well-being and leadership. ​

I have three coaching packages: 

Be Well - an 8-week jump start for when you know what you want, but you need a partner to help you get there

Lead Well - my signature 3-month package for meaningful, lasting change

Thrive - a 6-month transformation to help you thrive in multiple areas of your life


I help teams of any size through training in the following areas: mindfulness and meditation, physical wellness, organizational wellness culture, resilience, gratitude, positive psychology, character strengths, burnout, constructive conflict, meaning and purpose, and social connections.


Whether you have 10 or 1000 people, I love sharing about positive psychology, meaning and purpose, organizational culture, resilience, leadership, my own story, and more with audiences in an interactive and impactful way.

Let's Talk!


To set up a free 30-minute call to learn about coaching, please fill in this form and you'll be connected to my scheduling platform. 

Team Training or Speaking

To set up a call to discuss team training or speaking, please complete this form and you'll be connected to my scheduling platform. 

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